Welcome to GERON

GERON is a suite of web-based open source software programs for clinical and genetic study. The aims of this software development in the Laboratory of Neurogenetics, NIA, NIH are

  • Build retrievable clinical data repository
  • Set up genetic data bank
  • Eliminate redundant data entries
  • Alleviate experimental error due to sample mix-up and genotyping error.
  • Facilitate clinical and genetic data integration.
  • Automate data analysis pipelines
  • Facilitate data mining for genetic as well as environmental factors associated with a disease
  • Provide an uniformed data acquisition framework, regardless the type of a given disease
  • Accommodate the heterogeneity of different studies
  • Manage data flow, storage and access
  • Ensure patient privacy and data confidentiality/security.

The GERON suite consists of several self contained and yet extensible modules. Currently implemented modules are GERON Clinical, Genotyping, and Tracking. More modules are planned to be added into the suite, in order to keep up with the dynamics of the research field. Each module can be used separately or together with others into a seamless pipeline. With each module special attention has been given in order to remain free and open to the academic/government user.