The Clinical module facilitates the generation, storage and mining of clinical data from patients. Generally, the module consists of dynamic electronic forms, patient record warehousing, and an extremely powerful and flexible query system. Special care is taken concerning patient privacy and the security of patient data. The system is tailored for familial and sporadic case studies but should be equally useful for many other data repositories.


The Genotyping module facilitates the storage and analysis of human genetic microsattelite and SNP data. The module consists of a pedigree and marker data importing utility as well as output of data in various analysis formats. This modules integrates with UniSTS marker data with Genethon's CEPH marker genotype information. The result is a system that streamlines the genetic analysis pipeline from genotype to statistics.


The Tracking module is a flexible system for the tracking and retrieval of important samples from within a lab. From bar codes to aliquot control, the system can reduce sample mix up and loss.